Frequently Asked Questions About Self Storage Opportunities

In Georgia, tenants who rent a storage unit needs to learn more about requirements associated with these rentals. They must determine how these requirements affect their use of the unit. The following are frequently asked questions about Self Storage Augusta GA.

What are the Storage Rates for These Units?

Self Storage Rates begin at $19 a month for a unit measuring five feet-by-five feet. The rates range up to $546 for a unit that measures 30 feet-by-40 feet. These rates ar based on the monthly fee each month that the unit is in use. Tenants who need to evaluate the total cost of the rental must multiply the monthly rate by the total number of months it is needed.


Is Additional Insurance Available for Tenants?

The initial rental provides limited insurance coverage for all items stored in the unit. Tenants have the option to increase their overall level by purchasing additional coverage. If they owner their current property, they acquire coverage through their homeowner’s insurance policies as well.

When are Payments Due?

The payments for Self Storage Augusta GA are due on the first of 15th of each month. The tenant must check with their storage provider to determine the exact date. However, select storage providers require them to pay the storage fee on the same date that their lease started.

What are the Restrictions for Terminating a Rental Lease?

The tenant must provide written notice to their provider if they wish to terminate their lease. The notice must be provided at least ten days before the end of the tenant’s billing cycle. If they fail to comply with these requirements, they may face additional charges or fees.

Can the Provider Pro-Rate the Last Month for Tenants?

Self Storage Augusta GA providers may offer a pro-rated fee for the last month. They determine the exact cost for the last month based on the total number of days it was used. These opportunities reduce the total cost of the rental and save the tenant money. They should review their lease contract to determine if a pro-rate is available to them.

In Georgia, tenants must follow all rules and guidelines included in their lease contract. These rules and guidelines define how they are used. They also define if the tenant gains additional protection through insurance. They define the total cost of the rental and any discounts available. Tenants who need to acquire Self Storage Augusta GA contact a provider right now.

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